Skyler Balbus

I am a product design manager and leader, currently working with the product design team at The Athletic as Director of Product Design.

Previously, I have supported the Ads Experience team at Instagram, led the Buyer Experience team at Etsy, and brought my leadership to both the design discipline and client projects at Postlight.

You can find me on Twitter,, and LinkedIn.

If you’d like to chat about working together, talk about the state of product design, or grab a virtual coffee or tea sometime, feel free to reach out.


Teams, organizations, and companies I have worked with:

Creative Business, Inc.
First Look Media
Knight Foundation 
The Village Voice
Insight Catastrophe Group 
The Shed
Barnes & Noble Education
Good Companies
General Assembly

Speaking, teaching, and writing:

Collaboration in Theory and Practice
 (Asbury Agile, 2019)
Work, Culture, and Experimentation at a Product Design Agency (Design Details, 2019)
Screen Time, Sacred Time (Real Life Mag, 2019)
Screen Time and Sacred Time (Theorizing the Web, 2019)
Toward an Ethical Framework for Product Design (Cooper Union, 2018; MICA, 2017)
Emoji Speak: Images, Culture, and Communication (CreativeMornings Field Trip, 2018)
Collaboration in Theory and Practice ( x Postlight, 2018)
Guest Critique (Pratt, 2020; SVA, 2019; Cooper Union, 2018; MICA, 2017; FIT, 2016)

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