UX, UI, and mobile product design

Check out Postlight’s case study on our work for Inscape
Inscape, a New York-based boutique meditation studio, came to Postlight to design and build a fully-functional version of their meditation app, which offers Inscape’s unique audio meditations to users anywhere in the world. As lead designer on this project, I directed and led UX design as well as UI and visual design.

This was an extremely complex project. At the start, I worked with the Inscape team to set a new framework for organizing and understanding several different types and techniques of meditation, including visualization, mantra, focusing, and relaxation. The user flow had to correctly balance the app’s free, quick meditations with the multi-day, subscription-only sequences, in order to both increase user success (making meditation a habit is key to building a practice) and meet business goals. This exploration resulted in a number of different user flows and navigation options, which we prototyped and tested to narrow down to the recommendation experience present in the app today.

As the meditation app market is highly competitive, having a clear and differentiated brand was important to Inscape’s success. In collaboration with brand agency Feel, who set broad guidelines for color and tone, I designed a visual identity and UI system, including animation principles, for the first version of the app. This design draws from classic principles and proportions of grid-based layouts to create a clean, unobtrusive meditation experience. 

Selected wireframes (the full app has more than 40 screens!)

In-app player view

Frequently accessed screens

Meditation library and other content exploration screens

Settings and personalization screens

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